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Guaranteed Transactions with MasterCard SecureCode

As a merchant who accepts credit cards remotely, one of the main concerns for your business is chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. Crescent's track record for protecting online, mail order and telephone order businesses is among the best in the industry. And with MasterCard SecureCode, you can rest assured your business will receive the protection it needs for continued success!

Fraud and Chargeback Protection

MasterCard SecureCode is designed to protect your business from "cardholder unauthorized" chargebacks for fully compliant transactions. Your customers are asked to enter a secure code already set up with their bank, in order to complete their purchase. You'll instantly benefit by no longer having to incur the added expense as a result of fraudulent transactions or chargebacks.

Customer Confidence with Added Security

As a card-not-present merchant, take full advantage of a tool that ensures your customers are always comfortable while shopping on your website. You don't have to worry about losing potential customers due to security reasons. MasterCard SecureCode is the solution to any online business's largest obstacle - online security.

Comfortably sell to international customers without having to worry about fraud. Enjoy complete peace of mind with MasterCard SecureCode!

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