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Enhance Security with Verified by Visa

Crescent Payment Processing is at the forefront of security in the payment processing industry. We are experts in managing fraud and have been protecting our merchants for years against fraudulent charges and chargebacks. And with Verified by Visa, your business gets the protection it needs to run safely and smoothly!

Reduce Fraudulent Transactions and Save Money

Verified by Visa is designed to closely replicate a "card present" environment, so it can reduce the risk of fraud and chargeback costs. In order to complete their online purchase, customers are asked to enter a secure code already registered with their bank. You'll enjoy lower operational costs because your business doesn't have to spend time disputing past transactions and frivolous chargebacks. You'll save both time and money.

Give Your Customers Complete Safety and Comfort

Customer card security is an important reason consumers do not make online purchases, so it is important for your business to address this concern immediately. Your customers will feel safe in knowing that Verified by Visa is included in the Crescent Payment Processing processing solution.

When customers feel comfortable shopping online, it's inevitable that your business will see increased sales!

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