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Visa Mastercard Merchant Accounts

Businesses who wish to process credit card transactions first need to apply for a merchant account. At Crescent, we process your application quickly, so you can get set up fast. If you need assistance, our relationship managers are here to help walk you through the process, either by telephone or by e-mail. We're flexible. Getting setup with a merchant account couldn't be simpler.

The advantages of our Crescent Payment Processing Merchant Account:

Fast and friendly application process with knowledgeable relationship managers.

Affordable rates with a guarantee to "meet or beat" other payment processors.

Reliable before-and-after sales support via telephone or e-mail.

Dual currency settlement in USD or CAD, made daily to your choice of bank.

Process all major credit cards internationally and securely.

Full integration with your shopping cart software, with tech support if needed.

Real-time online reporting allows you to keep track of accounts 24/7.

We have reduced rates for 98% of merchants who switched to our service.

Chargeback resolution and management so you can avoid losing time and money.

Do you have bed credit or recently filed for bankruptcy?

Although having good credit is an advantage as you will qualify for lower fees, it is not required. A few years ago, if you had bad credit there was very little hope of ever having a merchant account. Today, your chance of being approved by one of our bad credit merchant account providers is 95% even for high risk merchants! If you are declined don't worry, as a last resort you can apply for a high risk merchant account. We do have a 100% approval rate for low risk merchants with bad credit. So you never need to worry about your credit history.

Like any financial business, the risk of lending money to a person with bad credit versus someone with good credit is higher. As you can expect fees for Merchant Accounts are higher for those who have bad credit. Very few people will get turned down for a Merchant Account, however if they are such reasons may include: convicted with financial related fraud, recently claimed bankruptcy or in the middle of proceedings.

Contact us for a Visa and MasterCard merchant account, to begin accepting payments online using a secure payment gateway. Make the move today to affordable payment processing and full-featured merchant services. Call us at or apply online now.