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Retrieval Request Codes

Retrieval requests occur when credit cardholders contact their issuing banks and ask for more details regarding transactions appearing on their statements. This typically happens when a cardholder does not recognize the charge.

If the situation is not resolved by you in a timely manner, a cardholder can escalate to a chargeback in order to have their bank refund their money. Review the list of the major retrieval request reason codes below.


05Cardholder Dispute - Card Holder Does Not Agree with Amount Billed
21Unrecognized Transaction
22Cardholder Inquiry - Disagrees With Billing
23Cardholder Requires Proof for Personal Records
24Cardholder Inquiry - No Reason Code
41Signature Verification - Required for Legal/Fraud Investigation
42Potential Chargeback or Compliance Documentation
43Legal/Fraud - Imprint Verification


28Cardholder Requests Copy Bearing Signature
29Request for T&E Documents
30Cardholder Dispute, Cardholder Request Draft
33Legal Process or Fraud Analysis
34Repeat Request for Copy


4750ALAirline Transaction Dispute
4541APAutomatic Payment Dispute
4586AWAltered Amount Dispute
4751CACash Advance Dispute
4550CDCredit Posted as Card Sale
4594CRCancelled Reservation
4534DPDuplicate Processing
4554NCNot Classified
4755RGNon-receipts of Goods or Services
4553RMQuality of Goods or Services Dispute
4555RN1Additional Credit Requested
4555RN2Credit Not Received
4540UA10Swiped Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Card Sale
4540UA20Keyed Card Transaction - Proof of Valid Card Sale
4540UA30Card Not Present Transaction - Proof of Delivery