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Payment Gateway

Enable your business to perform credit card transactions, process and authorize payments in real-time, and with the tightest security. API Website Plugins and High Risk Merchants Supported. Best payment gateway for website integration and support. High Volume Payment Gateway.

Flexible Payment Gateway Options

E-Commerce and MO/TO merchants have many choices when integrating a payment gateway to their merchant account. At Crescent, we help you decide which gateway is most suited for your business requirements. We also support high risk merchants and high risk payment gateways.

The Crescent Payments Gateway (PPG) offers unparalleled reliability, scalability and security features. And, if you choose to implement a CyberSource,, VeriSign or Paypal Payflow Gateway, Crescent will obtain the gateway and integrate it for you!

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Secure and Reliable

With features such as Strong Triple DES encryption and asymmetric PKI to protect your sensitive data, your customers' sensitive data is always secure. The PPG Server is compliant with Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program. It also supports multiple layers of access control and authentication levels. All sensitive data such as card number, expiration date, etc. are masked on the receipt as well as the report.

The PPG supports IP filtering across the whole system. You also have the ability to block traffic based on the incoming IP address' country of origin. When an intrusion is detected, the payment server can automatically block all traffic from that particular IP address to thwart the attacks. You are immediately alerted via email or SMS/pager.

Electronic processing of credit cards, debit cards, gift/loyalty cards, ACH (wire-transfer) / E-check and electronic benefits transfer/food stamps (EBT).

E-Commerce, Mail and Telephone Order, Mobile / Wireless, and Retail electronic payment processing with state-of-the-art performance.

E-Commerce, Mail and Telephone Order, Mobile / Wireless, and Retail electronic payment processing with state-of-the-art performance.

Easy upgrading, deployment and administration. High risk merchant gateway solutions also available.

High reliability and outstanding performance.

Strong security: Meets VISA CISP requirements.

Easy to integrate Web Services API and platform-independent SDK.

Virtual Terminal that supports peripheral devices like PIN-pads, check readers, etc.

Supports signature capture and retrieval.

High reliability and outstanding performance.

Lower cost of ownership with no recurring fees and no proprietary hardware.

Authentication, privacy features and IP filtering.

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