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Chargeback Reason Codes

Chargebacks occur when a credit cardholder disputes a charge on their statement with their issuing bank, in order to ask for a refund. The chargeback reason codes below explain why this happened.


01Requested Transaction Data Not Received
02Requested item illegible
07Warning Bulletin File
08Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained
12Account Number Not on File
31Transaction Amount Differs
34Duplicate Processing
35Card Not Valid or Expired
37No Cardholder Authorization
40Fraudulent Processing of Transactions
41Canceled Recurring Transaction
42Late Presentment
46Correct Transaction Currency Not Provided
47Fraud Transaction - Exceeds Floor Limit and Not Authorized
49Questionable Merchant Activity
50Credit Posted as a Purchase
53Not as Described
54Cardholder Dispute-Not Elsewhere (U.S. only)
55Non-receipt of Merchandise
56Defective Merchandise
57Credit Card Activated Telephone Transaction
59Services Not Rendered
60Credit Not Processed
62Counterfeit Transaction Magnetic Stripe POS Fraud
63Cardholder Does Not Recognize - Potential Fraud


30Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received
41Cancelled Recurring Transaction
53Not as Described/Defective
57Fraudulent Multiple Transactions
60Requested Copy Illegible
62Counterfeit Transaction
71Authorization Request Declined / Declined Authorization
72No Authorization / Transaction Exceeds Floor Limit
73Expired Card
74Late Presentment
75Cardholder Does Not Recognize the Transaction
76Incorrect Transaction Code
77Non Matching Account Number
78Ineligible Transaction (International only)
79Requested Transaction Information Not Received
80Incorrect transaction amount or account number
81Fraudulent transaction - Card Present Environment
82Duplicate Processing
83Fraudulent Transaction - Card Absent Environment
85Credit Not Processed
86Paid by Other Means
93Risk Identification Service
96Transaction Exceeds Card Limit Amount


4750ALAirline Transaction Dispute
4541APAutomatic Payment Dispute
4586AWAltered Amount Dispute
4751CACash Advance Dispute
4550CDCredit Posted as Card Sale
4594CRCancelled Reservation
4752DADeclined Authorization
4534DPDuplicate Processing
4535EXExpired Card
4502ICIllegible Transaction Documentation
4753INInvalid Card Number
4584ISMissing Signature
4542LPLate Presentation
4754NANo Authorization
4554NCNot Classified
4755RGNon-receipts of Goods or Services
4553RMQuality of Goods or Services Dispute
4555RN1Additional Credit Requested
4555RN2Credit Not Received
4756SVStored Value Dispute
4757TFViolation of Operating Regulations
4540UAFraud Dispute