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High Volume and High Risk Merchant Accounts

Merchants who need to process a high volume of transactions or high risk pose a special problem to Merchant Account providers. They need to have a system in place that can handle the heavy workload of high volume transactions. This increases the need for security, customer support, speed, fraud prevention and stability of service, as well as scalablity. This increases a broad spectrum of different problems.

Understanding High Volume Merchant Accounts

We Offer: We offer both offer excellent customer support and competitive pricing. We have superb stability within their networks and can provide outstanding service. Our company can provide strong service even as your company continues to grow.

» Speed: Obviously speed willl be a huge factor when dealing with transactions in high volume. You need to have transactions processed as quickly as possible and to also prevent customers from being angry. It is of great importance to ensure speed is a top priority.

» Security: High level security must be in place at all times. If your an internet merchant the use of SSL (single socket layer) technology will greatly reduce the chances of fraud and also use a router to prevent hackers from gaining entry to your system. If your a retail merchant you will want to have a security alarm installed in your premises to protect against theft. Video cameras are another solid solution.

» Stability: Stability is obvious an important element in keeping customers happy and ensuring everything is completed with everyone being happy with the outcome. Unhappy customers could mean in lost business and lost revenues.

» Scalability and Growth: If your company is a fast growing business you will need to make sure the Merchant Account provider you have chosen will be able to expand for future growth of your company. If your company is always expanding you will want to take this in account when dealing with a merchant account provider. Ask questions about current capacities and if they will be able to handle your needs on a long term basis.

» Fraud Prevention: As your transaction volume increases so does the risk of fraud. You don't want to be spending half of the day dealing with chargebacks and fraud because lost time is lost revenue. Also, for each returned transaction you are charged chargeback fees which can really add up if the incidences are frequent.

» Customer Support: Customer Service is the backbone of your company, without it you wouldn't be able to process as many transactions and would quickly fall behind the pace of your competitors. Since online transactions can take place 24 hours a day it is recommended you have support staff that meets the increased demand of your customers.

Your business may be classified as high risk for any number of reasons. We will evaluate your business type to see if you are considered a high risk merchant and select a merchant account that best fits your businesses needs. Our services enable your business to accept payments through credit card processing terminals and also through credit card processing software (also known as a virtual terminal). It has never been a better time to start accepting credit cards at your business. Whatever you sell, your customers will expect to have the option to pay with their credit cards. Fast easy approval for most high risk type businesses for in person or online payement acceptance Your payments will be deposited into your checking account within one to two banking day. Comply with PCI standards to reduce the risk of fraud and protect your business. When you partner with Crescent, you can make credit card processing for your business clients fast and simple.

High Risk Doesn't Have to Mean High Rates!

In person swipe, online internet transactions, and MOTO merchants...we help them all! Whether we install new equipment or work with your existing terminals and software services, we will minimize any downtime and start saving right away! Merchant Services will allow you to accept credit cards and payment within 48 hours of your application and approval. We support many payment gateway options. Signup today to get started with your high risk merchant account. High Risk Businesses

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