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As a restaurant owner, you know that managing your books, employees, inventory, scheduling, payroll and taxes are only some of your many hats.  With Crescent as a partner, we will help you implement the tools necessary to keep it all in order. The right tools will keep you focused on what's important, keeping your customers happy.  Our POS manages more than just your food orders; we can manage all of the above and MORE!  Schedule a demo with Crescent rep today!

Selecting the Best Credit Card Processing Service

Having a credit card processing service in your food service or restaurant business is like putting putting gas into your car. Feed it energy and it will take you where you want to go. Most successful food service or restaurant businesses accept credit card payments and its much faster to cash then a check or having to wait for a money order in the mail, generally you can have the funds deposited into your account within a few days.

If your able to accept credit card payments it will boost your sales, more sales means more earnings. So having a credit card processing service will save you time and money. It will also give your customers another option of paying for your services. More choice equals more value. how to select the best credit card processing service So what does a Merchant Account do? It provides access for the seller and buyer to make a transaction. Banks in the past would set up the majority of Merchant Accounts, it has recently changed hands to private financial businesses that specialize in the setting up of a merchant account. Free Credit Card offers a free merchant terminal or software when you sign up for one year.

Credit Card Processing is the action of the processor receiving credit card data and transaction details from the customer. It then debits the amount of the sale from the customers credit card. It delivers the funds into your account. Here are the steps that occur:

» Your business creates a sale and then your Merchant Account provider is notified.

» The provider then sends in an authorization request to the credit card proccessor to verify that the card is not expired, stolen, or reported lost. Once this phase is complete you will recieve an authorization number.

» Once the information has been verified, it then checks the customers bank for the available funds and deposits the funds to your account.

» The final stage is the process in which you are deducted fees for the completion of the transaction. These are the fees associated with the account... i.e. 25 cent transaction fee. The funds are then directly deposited into your account.

This process usually takes between 2 to 3 business days, but may take longer due to the risk associated with the account. If your products and services are high risk then it could take longer. At the end of the month you will recieve a statement detailing the transactions and fees.

Three methods of accepting credit cards

» As you may know there are three ways of accepting credit card transactions. One of the popular methods you may be accustomed to is through a retail terminal or "swipe machine".

Another option is through the phone or mail, you need software installed on your computer in order to process these types of transactions.

The last option is through a website, this type of service is called "real time" credit card processing. This method does have the capability to allow you to process mail and telephone orders as well.

POS Systems Made Easy

As a restaurant owner or operator, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits.  Crescent's BPA Restaurant Professional is a robust restaurant POS software system integrated with a complete business accounting software package "Business Plus Accounting".  Business Plus Accounting Restaurant Professional will help you do both. Our Restaurant Software System will give you the business software solution you need. Built on top of an award winning, mature accounting system and designed by working closely with the owners and operators of many different restaurants, BPA Restaurant Professional gives you the tools you need to run a better business.

POS Systems Made Easy

Our Business Plus Accounting software is included free on each Point of Sale terminal you purchase from us. Rather than making an expensive software purchase up front, you pay nothing up front and a very reasonable fee of $30 per month for support, upgrades, and software licensing. You receive unlimited telephone support during our regular business hours and free updates to the software as soon as they are released. .

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If you own a business that currently processes between $6,000 and $100,000 per month in Visa, MasterCard and Discover sales, we bet that you will save each month by switching to Crescent's outstanding service. Whether we install new equipment or work with your existing terminals and software services, we will minimize any downtime and start saving right away!

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