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Merchant Services for Erotic Entertainment

Tailor-made merchant account solutions for the adult entertainment business. Are you about to begin a business in adult entertainment such a gentleman’s club or a strip club or are running such a business? Then you are already of the gamut of problems associated with the opening of a merchant account. Traditional financial service or credit card processors may have turned down your application because the nature of business is considered morally debatable and therefore risky. However, we understand that there is a growing demand for businesses like yours and are here to provide help. Read on to find out more.

Payment Solutions for Adult Entertainment Business

As a payment processing solutions provider, specialising in high risk businesses, we have incisive insight into businesses like yours. For instance, we understand that in the absence of a robust payment processing solution, chances are that you are unable to receive high value checks or accept payments through any other modes. Keeping constraints such as these in mind, we provide bespoke payment solutions if you run a small adult entertainment club. Further, total transparency is at the core of our business module. We can therefore assure you that there are no nasty surprises in terms of hidden charges on your account.

Merchant Services We Provide

When you opt for our services as merchant account provider you stand to gain to several ways. Firstly, we understand your need for speedy approvals and thus provide same day approvals on a case to case basis. We also provide a secure payment gateway and virtual terminal and SSL and PCL compliant solutions. Further, with our payment solution tailormade for your adult entertainment business, you will receive ACH and electronic check processing facility. We also facilitate acceptance of a wide range of credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. You can also save up to as much as 25% of your current costs on credit card payments with us.

We are also aware of the discreet nature of your business. Thus there are likely to be patrons also who want a cash only transaction. With our solution, your customers will have the facility of cash withdrawal from their debit cards. Further, we are aware that chargebacks are common in your business. Thus you receive chargeback insurance shield when you open a merchant account with us.

Adult Merchant Service Solutions

We do not believe in cold monetary transactions and would rather set up long lasting relationships with our clients. We can therefore provide assistance beyond setting up a merchant account. For instance we can provide help with debt repayment, expansion needs or any other financial problem. With our merchant cash advance solution at favourable rates of interest and easy repayment schedule we can find you a solution for every problem! Finally, to ensure that we are always at your side you can reach out to our therefore customer relationship team for 24x7 service and tech support. Thus, if you are in the adult entertainment business looking for help to set up an efficient fully enabled merchant account we are here at your service.