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Mobile Swipe Credit Card Processor

Accept payments on your mobile phone with a swiper.

Mobile Phone Credit Card Processor

For Merchants on the Go!

Use your smartphone or tablet to easily accept credit card payments, anywhere. Whether you sell your product at trade shows or stadiums, give in-home fashion or home d├ęcor parties, or move from place to place delivering goods or providing service, Crescent and First Data Mobile Pay enables you to accept payments by credit or debit card using your smartphone or tablet.


Try it Now for FREE!

Just download the app onto your smart phone and search "First Data Mobile Pay" for free and you're able to run test transactions right now!  Don't worry, no charges will be made to your phone but you'll see how simple and easy running transactions on your phone has become.


Security and Expertise

Around the world every day, First Data makes payment transactions secure, fast and easy for merchants, financial institutions and their customers. We leverage our unparalleled product portfolio and expertise to deliver processing solutions that drive customer revenue and profitability.

Fast and easy to use.  Customers sign the receipt on your phone screen and a copy can be emailed directly to them and to you!

Your bank account can be funded as quickly as the next day and you receive 24/7 customer support from the leaders in payment acceptance

Contact us for a Visa and MasterCard payment gateway merchant account, to begin accepting payments online using a secure payment gateway. Make the move today to low rate, cheap rates, lowest fees and affordable payment processing and full-featured merchant credit card services. apply online now.